Bellagio Casino, Kazakhstan

APEX gaming proudly reports another success around the globe – namely the installation of its CLOVER LINK jackpot island at Bellagio Casino in Kazakhstan. The Bellagio Casino is the most respectable gambling venue in the city of Almaty. The casino guests always have a good time playing classic table games or choosing a game they like on a large number of modern slot machines. This casino has decided to expand its great offer with 6 new slots from our product range. This time they chose APEX Pinnacle Upright 32” Black Series machines, which are now the center of attention at this exquisite casino.

Mr. Sergey Smirnov, General Manager of the Casino, explained why he chose CLOVER LINK from APEX gaming and the reaction of the players to this: “CLOVER LINK is the name on the lips of all casino managers here in central Asia. We have an excellent network here and news travels fast – especially when great things happen. Our expectations have been more than met. It is a real motivation for me when I see the smiles on the faces of our valued customers when playing CLOVER LINK. The service and support have been great from APEX – it’s a company we really enjoy working with”.

“This is an excellent example of exemplary casino management that strives to tailor the most entertaining solutions to its customers,” said Mr. Georgi Lungolov, International Sales Manager of APEX gaming. “We are very pleased and honored that players at Bellagio Casino now have access to CLOVER LINK.”

Mr. Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director for APEX gaming, added, “CLOVER LINK has proven to be the greatest success story in the entire APEX history. We make games that excite players within a wonderfully designed island – it is a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to play. That is what we are being told time and time again”.


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