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 APEX – ‘taking gaming to the next level’

APEX pro gaming s.r.o. provides complete gaming solutions for all applications, such as slot machines, multiplayers, online and mobile. We develop our solutions 100% ourselves – naturally including all our games. The EVO platform truly takes gaming to the next level – as we like to say ourselves – come and ‘see the difference’. With extensive operations in several countries, APEX pro gaming s.r.o. has its finger on the pulse to provide market-beating solutions.

APEX by name – APEX by nature: The word APEX refers to the ‘summit’ or the ‘highest point’. Just like reaching the summit of a mountain, the ethos at APEX pro gaming s.r.o. is to reach the pinnacle of gaming – being one step ahead of the market by offering the very latest technology with the benefits for both players and operators in mind. The company logo of the pyramid underlines this strategy – the top of the pyramid is gold – which is – of course – the apex.

Since its incorporation in 2003, APEX pro gaming s.r.o. has grown to be an international company – both in terms of sales and operations. The operations side of the business is considerable. The management team has many years of experience gained from within the industry. This has resulted in an unbeatable product range, each a leader in its own division. The Pinnacle slots machines are strong, secure and exquisitely designed to correctly cover all player requirements. The EVO platform has set the precedent. The APEX Player Station (APS) multiplayer, the revolutionary iDROP and iDROPe and APEX Mobile Slots round off this ever-growing offer. Today APEX pro gaming s.r.o. can offer complete gaming solutions to its customers – for all gaming segments.

In addition to all of this, APEX pro gaming s.r.o. is active in many more countries, working together with local partners to provide optimal service in each corresponding country.