APEX Equipment Installation Elevates GoldenEye Casino to New Heights in Bulgaria

APEX, a leading provider of gaming solutions, is proud to announce the successful installation of its state-of-the-art equipment at GoldenEye Casino, located in Svilengrad, Bulgaria. This landmark installation marks a significant milestone in APEX’s expansion into the Bulgarian and Balkan markets.

GoldenEye Casino opened its doors on January 2nd, 2024, offering an unparalleled gaming experience with over 450 slot machines, 108 of which are powered by APEX.

The casino’s newly installed APEX cabinets include the cutting-edge APEX Pinnacle Slant Top 32’’ Premium Black Series and APEX Pinnacle Upright 43’’ Premium J-Curved. These superb cabinets offer players immersive gaming experiences and sleek, modern designs.

In addition to the hardware, GoldenEye Casino has also implemented APEX’s advanced gaming software, including CLOVER LINK XtremeTM, CLOVER LINK WinshareTM, and EVO 4. These innovative software solutions enhance gameplay and offer exciting new features for players to enjoy.

“We are thrilled to partner with GoldenEye Casino and provide them with our industry-leading gaming equipment,” said Mr. Georgi Lungolov, International Sales Manager of APEX. “This installation represents a significant milestone for APEX as we continue to expand our presence in the Bulgarian and Balkan markets.”

Located just meters away from the Bulgarian-Turkish border at “Kapitan Andreevo,” GoldenEye Casino offers guests a luxurious gaming experience across its vast 4,500 square meter casino floor. The property also features a prestigious hotel with 500 rooms, ensuring that guests enjoy the ultimate in comfort and hospitality.

Ms. Desislava Dobcheva, Executive Assistant to the General Manager, expressed excitement about the partnership with APEX, stating, “Our collaboration with APEX has enabled us to offer our clients the latest and most innovative gaming experiences available. We are confident that APEX’s equipment will further enhance our reputation as the premier gaming destination in the region.”


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