APEX conquered the world of casinos during the time of the coronavirus

APEX makes the difference and definitely has something to offer. Even in difficult times during the pandemic, we did not stop to develop new solutions, concepts and products. In addition, we used this opportunity to establish an even closer contact to our clients but also continuously discussed future projects with them.

Another huge impact on our success has Clover link solutions which offers casinos a whole new experience. “Customers love this game. It’s not just a gamble, it’s entertainment,” explains Kubilay Özer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of APEX gaming.

Casinos also appreciate tailor-made solutions. Basically, nothing is impossible. “I’m always interested in each casino and their specific needs but also how we can support them in a professional and uncomplicated way. As we said, the solution is tailored so that both casino operators and their clients can profit” states Kubilay Özer. Besides, APEX solutions are available on all five continents.


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