The Casino Black Opal in Tbilisi (Georgia) has brought the best entertainment available and has installed the CLOVER LINK XTREME.

The CLOVER LINK BIG ISLAND now adorns this casino. CLOVER LINK XTREME truly makes the difference. Indeed, CLOVER LINK BIG ISLAND raises a casino floor to the Las Vegas level.

Slot Manager Mr. Alp Karakoyun explains the reason why they chose CLOVER LINK XTREME, “We pride ourselves in bringing the best forms of gaming entertainment to our customers. We are known and respected here for our professional service and the gaming choice we offer. We had seen and heard of the resounding success CLOVER LINK XTREME has and we naturally wanted to bring this to our casino. This was for sure the right choice and we are very pleased on all fronts.”

Georgi Lungolov, International Sales Manager at APEX gaming, comments: “Our CLOVER LINK XTREME success goes on and on. The feedback from our valued customers is extremely motivating and to see so many people enjoying our gaming technology shows that we have created something very special here”.

Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming adds, “Our fundamental understanding of the global gaming market led to our development of CLOVER LINK XTREME. We have touched the hearts of players around the world and are naturally thrilled that the customers at the Black Opal Casino can now enjoy CLOVER LINK XTREME as well“.


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