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Casino Management System

The APEX Casino Management System

The APEX CASINO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM gives operators full visibility on their slot machines on the gaming floor. It provides for an entire range of statistics of each slot machine. Online monitoring and control is available at a touch of a button alongside a full range of statistics. A jackpot system can be embedded so that local and wide-area jackpots can further add to the possibilities of expanding the gaming experience.

The APEX CASINO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM has been further designed to be even more customer friendly. It is set up in a clear and easy way to understand. Different access levels can be set between the accounting management, jackpot management, machine management, site management, ticket management and user and role management.
This is rounded off with a 24-hour service line that is open every day, 365 days a year.

Here is an overview of the great number of features APEX offers with its CASINO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:

  • ticket in/out
  • promotional tickets
  • multiple jackpots per site with multiple levels
  • wide area jackpots
  • wide area (web) reporting and accounting
  • 3D jackpot themes
  • jackpot value to web export
  • modular user/permission management
  • centralised machine management
  • extended monitoring
  • customer management

Software Concepts

  • development focused on security, reliability and stability
  • enterprise open source messaging system (ActiveMQ) for communication between components, secured with public key cryptography
  • PostgreSQL data base replication for host standby
  • clustered firewalls for datacenter high availability
  • web application for reporting/configuration on management level
  • Standalone application for casino sites

Jackpot Management

  • The APEX CASINO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM supports two types of Jackpots:
  • 1) Multiple Mystery Local Jackpots – Supported in stand alone and wide-area mode
  • 2) Multiple Mystery Wide-area Jackpots – Supported in wide-area mode
  • Mystery Jackpot is triggered unpredictably, purely random at a random time and a random value, if all winning conditions are satisfied.
  • The APEX CASINO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM features multiple, independent Jackpot Displays on dedicated Display Servers.
  • Multiple Jackpot levels from different jackpots.
  • Jackpot win animations for wide-area and local jackpot wins.
  • Multiple highly professional 3D themes.
  • Jackpot win jingles (audio) for wide-area and local jackpot wins.

Ticket Management

  • The APEX CASINO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM supports ticket-in and ticket-out functionality.
  • Cashable Tickets
  • Promo Tickets
  • Ticket-in/out support requires SAS and hardware support on slot machines
  • Ticket-out on AMC/AMCX requires a supported ticket printer to be attached to the CASINO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.
  • The APEX CASINO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM uses the ‘System Validation’ schema for security reasons.
  • Tickets can be printed at the cashdesk and on machines.
  • Tickets can be redeemed at the cashdesk and on machines.
  • Limits can be applied for machine redemption on ticket in / out.
  • Limits for ticket-out on machines is only supported if the machine supports such limits to be configured on the machine itself.
  • All ticket redemption and ticket printing operations are protected by special privileges that need to be assigned to a user in order to be able to perform ticket related operations.

Customer Management

  • Entrance system with extensive customer management
  • Comprehensive tagging system for individual customer attributes
  • Bet-based loyality program
  • Performance overview on all supported platforms
  • In-depth per customer accounting and reporting
  • Customer black listing
  • Promotion system via E-Mail and SMS