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APEX Pinnacle 24

This upright gaming machine offers the best of gaming.

The Pinnacle is the result of detailed market research and product development. Exquisite design attracts players. Technological innovation keeps the Pinnacle at the players’ interests.

The Pinnacle is equipped with dual 24” monitors. The flexible, modular design allows for all market requirements to be fulfilled. Banknote readers, banknote recyclers, ticket printers, card readers – all such components can be freely configured.

The Pinnacle series clearly demonstrates why APEX gaming is taking gaming to the next level. The second company motto – ‘see the difference’ – takes place not only when viewing its beautiful, ergonomic design. A look inside confirms why APEX gaming enjoys such an excellent reputation in the market place. The vacuum air pressure within the Pinnacle ensures that the air stays fresh and clear. Old problems of tobacco remains within the cabinet now belong to the past. Furthermore, the cooling system does an excellent job at maintaining the components nice and cool. Both factors contribute to the fact that the Pinnacle offers excellent player uptime – in other words, the mean time between failure is much better on the Pinnacle.