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“I see 2015 as being a big step for APEX and I firmly believe that the iDROP is going to remain the brightest star for us.” said Max Pessnegger, CEO, in an interview with CasinoNews.Today. He spoke about his company’s new products, impressions concerning ICE and plans for 2015.

apex_ceo-592x1024What are your impressions concerning ICE 2015?

It was a great show again for APEX. We were so busy that I personally did not see much of what was going on around the exhibition as I spent almost the whole three days on our booth supporting our clients. We have made improvements to all our products and there was much to talk about and present to the stand visitors. I can tell you that our brand-new iDROP solution was the real highlight, not just for us – but at the whole show.

What products are the stars of your company’s exhibition at ICE 2015?

Our mobile staff – mobile casino solution is a real star, too. It is a pure service-based gaming solution that you can play on tablets in smoking areas, outside the casino or in restaurants. Furthermore, it can be combined with our electronic multiplayer, the Apex Player Station (APS), to real-time gaming on the gaming tablets. The iDROP star shone the brightest at ICE as this intelligent drop can be used on every live gaming table. This is a revolution in live gaming as such a product previously had not existed beforehand. We have created a brand new market niche and the interest in the iDROP was absolutely phenomenal.


apex-stand-london-2015-apexWhat can you tell us about the changes to the Pinnacle gaming machines?

We are using bigger monitors now. Before they were 22″ and now we use 27″ or 24″ ones. This makes a great difference to the way the Pinnacle looks. We can even offer update kits should customers of our traditional Pinnacle gaming machines wish to update to the new, wider monitors versions. We have also implemented the EVO platform that gives us much better performance, more flexibility, 3D gaming and so on. In conclusion, we have updated the cabinet and the platform to bring the Pinnacle right into the future. It looks better and it plays better.

Your company produces solutions for the online gaming market – can you tell us something more about it?

We have HTML version. It is not our strategy to carry out our own operations as we are focused on content providing. We have an amazing selection of games that have made APEX a firm favourite in so many countries. Now these are available for the online market, too.

apex stand london ice 2015 mobileAre you going to continue producing content in HTML5 or are you going to use some new technologies?

We wish to be on HTML because then you can even play games on an iPad which is very important. Presentation is key and that is optimally performed on the iPad or equivalent tablet.

Where do you see your company this time next year?

I see 2015 as being a big step for APEX and I firmly believe that the iDROP is going to remain the brightest star for us. This is what market needs and the feedback from ICE was excellent. Now we are very busy to provide the market with the iDROP and inform the ever-expanding number of operators wishing to find out more on the iDROP. The Pinnacle gaming machine has been rejuvenated, the APS is set for further success and of course we have our mobile and online solutions. All in all, I predict 2015 to be a very busy and successful year.



Source ICE 2015: Interview with Max Pessnegger, APEX CEO was last modified: February 26th, 2015 by Casino News Today