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“iDROPe has brought us a great many benefits”

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort is situated at the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most visited national park in the USA.

This casino resort offers over 3,500 slots, 140 live table games and 20 poker tables. Harrah’s Cherokee offers 1,100 rooms and will soon break ground on a new convention center and hotel with an additional 800 rooms. The spa, pools and nearby Sequoyah National Golf Club all make this a very special place to visit. Indeed, this is one of the most popular Harrah’s casinos outside of Las Vegas.

Harrah’s Cherokee has now introduced the iDROPe on its live gaming tables – a project two years in the making for Ron Hager, Director of Table Games at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort. “It all began with our search for a cash management solution for our live gaming tables. We were already working with APEX gaming on the slots side and when they told us that they have a solution for table games, we were all ears”.

What followed was a very close collaboration between Harrah’s Cherokee and APEX gaming. JL Drapeau, General Manager of Apogee Gaming and the APEX partner for North America, explains how the iDROPe came about: “Ron and his team were immediately impressed with the iDROP yet the sheer volume of cash and tickets that they accept at the table brought us new challenges. We worked very closely with Ron to create what has become to be known as the iDROPe.”

Mr. Hager continues, “We were all amazed here how APEX could adapt the iDROP so quickly to take our special requirements on board. The iDROPe has a stacker included. That means that we can store more notes inside. It speeds up our internal processes as well. We save between 3 to 4 minutes per slot on the drop box – that mounts up to a lot of time. Furthermore, my colleagues in the count room love the iDROPe. They just have to take the bundle of cash and tickets out – this takes literally only a few seconds.”

Harrah’s Cherokee distributes millions of promotional coupons to its players every year. Up until the iDROPe was installed, players had wait at the cashier to cash in the coupons for table games chips. Now players can take their promotional tickets directly to the gaming table and the dealer can accept these and place them into the iDROPe in return for chips. “Our customers are delighted that they no longer have to wait at the cage to exchange their promotional coupons for chips”, states Mr. Hager. “This has given further meaning to a very important customer service concept at our casino”.

Another further addition is the possibility to read a player’s club card on the IDROPe. Casino management can thus better understand their customers and ultimately serve them more effectively.

“This glowing testimony from Harrah’s Cherokee shows just how much a difference the iDROPe can make. We at APEX gaming would like to thank Ron and his team for their excellent feedback that enabled us to create the iDROPe. The iDROPe offers a host of benefits that are enjoyed not only by the dealer. Ron kindly told us here about the benefits the drop box, the soft count and the marketing teams have. Management naturally has full, real-time information on the drop so that all money is accounted for. The iDROP family offers advantages for dealers, operators and players alike. It brings so much value as well as security and control to live gaming”, concludes Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming.