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APEX games appeal practically to anybody – as they cover all tastes and cultures. The demographic split is thus catered to by APEX – whether male or female, young or older, regular player or fun player – each and every person can find the game that best fits to them.

  • Fantastic games packages – such as Multi Magic Classic and Hot Magic Fruits XXL
  • Each game must succeed as single game before entering the APEX games package
  • Choose between entertaining, feature-rich games or intuitive, tension-mounting games
  • EVO – be amazed by the 3D games from APEX
  • New games – we are constantly designing new games

Welcome to the heart of our success – wonderful games

Game design lies at the heart of the APEX strategy.
It is began with single, reel-based games.

These individual games had to prove their worth – that was the prerequisite of success. This focus on attaining the best quality game has remained within the company philosophy throughout the years.

Today land-based games are mainly played on video-based gaming machines. A wider choice of games can be offered. The APEX norm for a games library is to include twenty games – that have all succeeded as individual games. The first games package was called Multi Magic I.

The sheer choice of games is underlined by the number of games packages on offer – including Multi Magic I, Multi Magic II, Multi Magic III, Multi Magic IV and Multi Magic V. Multi Magic VI was released at the ICE exhibition in London in January 2012. Furthermore, the Hot Magic Fruits XXL games package offers a whole world of fruits-based games.