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APEX gaming jackpot system now at Casino Circus de Carnac

APEX gaming is proud to announce the very first installation of its DRAGON EGG jackpot island in France. This installation has taken place at Casino Circus de Carnac – a casino that belongs to the Ardent Group.

Casino Circus de Carnac is situated on the North Eastern coast of France where casinos are very popular. Indeed, there are a total of five casinos in the vicinity. Casino Circus de Carnac stands out in the region with a tradition of innovation and investment to consistently increase player satisfaction and entertainment levels. Casino Circus de Carnac operates almost one hundred slots and five live tables. Its dynamic management policy has seen its year-on-year GGR grow by 24% in 2017.

“We are constantly on the look out on how we can excel and grow our player base in this competitive location where we are”, explained Sébastien Larrieu, General Director at Casino Circus de Carnac. “DRAGON EGG from APEX gaming offers great player appeal. It already makes a true difference and is very popular”.

Casino Circus de Carnac has installed the DRAGON EGG Small Island consisting of four Pinnacle Premium SL slots, each offering three wide-screen monitors. The game comes to life on these screens as well as the overhead display. Compact yet elegant, this APEX solution offers up to 16 different jackpots over four main levels.

APEX gaming is supported by the SFM Mascot in France. Daniel van Marissing, Director at Mascot, sees great opportunities for APEX in France and states, “DRAGON EGG is such an intelligent jackpot system that offers a wonderful game. The game is so clever and the entire solution is indeed something special. It is not very often that we see such innovations in the gaming industry”.

“We extend our congratulations to Daniel and his team here”, comments Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming. “Mascot is a perfect partner for us in France and we see this as a great beginning for DRAGON EGG in this wonderful country. This is a very clever move by Sébastien and his team. Casino Circus de Carnac has lots of competition from other casinos nearby. We hope that by being a first mover and fitting DRAGON EGG this casino will continue to grow from strength to strength.”