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2018 has been one of the most successful years on record for APEX gaming – thanks to the global popularity of its complete jackpot game solution CLOVER LINK. APEX gaming has designed an extremely popular jackpot island solution that has gained the hearts of players throughout the world.

The beauty of CLOVER LINK is that it is available in three different versions and each with a choice of different Pinnacle slot machines. The BIG ISLAND consists of eight slots in an eclipse design, the ROUND EDITION has four slots in a circular design and the WALL EDITION is the most flexible, as it can be expanded to as many slots as the customer requires.

New for the ICE 2019 is the introduction of the BIG ISLAND with the 43” Pinnacle Premium Curved slots. This adds even more spice to the CLOVER LINK menu. The screen choice is amazing: the 43” Pinnacle Premium Curved, the Pinnacle Black Series with two 24” monitors or the Pinnacle Premium Curved with three 27” monitors.

Another major point: CLOVER LINK has transformed from a single-game to multi-game jackpot solution. Today it itself consists of four very popular APEX games that have been brought together in a special way. These games all offer unique features in a four-level jackpot that can be both mystery and progress jackpots, thus motivating all types of players to take part.

“CLOVER LINK has been the gaming product of the year”, noted Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming. “We were very proud to have received an award for this very recently. CLOVER LINK won the category ‘BEST JACKPOT CONCEPT – LAND-BASED GAMING’ at the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Exhibition (BEGE) exhibition in Bulgaria. At APEX we do not rest on our laurels – we continually develop new solutions and focus on how we can make our products even more popular. For ICE we have both new hardware and game innovations that makes a great gaming concept even better”.

Innovation for ICE: APEX gaming will be releasing a new set of CLOVER LINK multi-games to compliment the four already established.

APEX gaming prides itself of its strength in depth of its gaming portfolio. The large stand is necessary to house all these solutions. These include the individual Pinnacle slots and the APEX PLAYER STATION (APS) electronic roulette. This expandable solution can be linked to up to four roulette wheels (both live and/or electronic) and operators can include the EVO games on it as well and also played using the APEX MOBILE SLOTS.

APEX gaming is the pioneer for cash handling at live gaming tables as the iDROP has proven. The iDROP enables players to exchange their cash or tickets for jetons directly at the live gaming table. Cashing out is simple as the amount is paid out in ticket form by the iDROP. The integrated touchscreen makes it simple to use for croupiers and the fact that it is linked to the management system gives management complete control of the drop. The iDROP family has been extended with the iDROPe and the iDROPs. The iDROPs is indeed the latest addition. It can manage 250 bills (and tickets) at one time at a validation rate of up to 6 per second, making it ideal when players sit at a table with a large number of bills.  It also provides the casino the option to use the iDROPs to exchange a large number of bills for one Tito ticket, meaning the game is not stopped for large buy in’s and hands per hour increases.

Live gaming tables and a great array of live gaming accessories, such as the Ball and Dice Tester and the Roulette Wheel Leveller with a leveling base, round off the APEX portfolio. Naturally the APEX Shuffle King solutions will take prominent position. Card shuffling plays a key role in casinos and here the Shuffle King 6 again made a strong impact as it can automatically shuffle up to six different decks of cards. The Shuffle King 2 is the single deck option.

APEX gaming will be exhibiting at stand # S5-250 at ICE that will take place between 5th and 7th February at the ExCel Centre in London.

“Please come and see us at ICE and see how we are taking gaming to the next level”, concluded Mr. Özer.