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Great feedback from Irish Gaming Show

The Irish Gaming Show is the next opportunity after the ICE for APEX gaming to show the difference it is making to the global gaming market. Visitors to this exhibition that took place between 7th and 8th March in Dublin were able to see just why APEX is taking gaming to the next level.

Together with local partner Ardee Leisure, APEX gaming showed a wide range of solutions centered around its Pinnacle gaming machines and the electronic roulette APEX PLAYER STATION (APS). The EVO gaming platform has enabled the Pinnacle slots to rise even further in its ability to portray games in a pin-sharp and exciting way. The latest games like ‘Eye of the Dragon’ and ‘Queen Cleopatra’ were extremely well received at ICE and visitors were equally enthused to learn more about these games in Dublin.

The APEX PLAYER STATION (APS) is not only the eye-catching electronic roulette. The APS can be linked to further roulette wheels – a total of four – both live and electronic – giving the player great gaming choice. Not only that, operators can link the EVO games on the APS – so that a roulette player can enjoy APEX slot games without having to leave the comfort of his or her seat.

Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director / CFO at APEX gaming, explained, “Players in Ireland appreciate the richness of our gaming offer as well as our design, quality and gaming content. We have the right mix of these gaming ingredients to enthuse the players. Our market share here continues to grow”.

Damien McCoy, CEO of Ardee Leisure, added, “We are very happy about the show. APEX enjoys an excellent reputation and the feedback we received from our customers is excellent. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to see us”.