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Record number of innovations revealed

Never before has APEX gaming revealed so many innovations than at this year’s ICE. APEX gaming took the show by storm as the feedback was overwhelming from the visitors. The impact was so strong many operators wanted to take on the new solutions immediately in their gaming locations. This all goes to prove – APEX takes gaming to the next level and innovation will also be rewarded if it makes the right difference. Based on the comments from the show visitors, it clearly has.

The PINNACLE PREMIUM SL enjoyed a spectacular premiere. It drew in the crowds with a magnetic force. It is foreseeable that players will react in the same way.

This complete jackpot island is made up of 8 slant tops – thus four each side – and each one is equipped with 3 x 27” monitors. They are packaged in a unique way – with the large jackpot screen that spreads above all the slots and alongside the two open sides as well.

It was the combination of the PINNACLE PREMIUM SL with the DRAGON EGG that really made the difference. This brand new game fits perfectly together here. It is played over all three screens and the dragon flies over all three slot screens and along the jackpot screen as well. The dragon is omnipresent, looking to bring players luck by laying its eggs on the jackpot levels. Once the dragon is underway, the jackpot Mega, Midi or Mini wins that has three eggs placed there first. The player watches as the dragon swoops over the screen to lay its jackpot eggs. The sound adds further excitement and dynamic to this wonderful game.

“Never before has one single game attracted so much attention”, explained Johannes Weissengruber, the company’s founder and chairman. “We have had many successful shows but the reaction to this even exceeded our hopes and expectations. The difference here was that customers not only expressed their interest but placed firm orders. You could say it has been love at first sight – or first dragon flight”.

The second great innovation revolves around another jackpot – the PINNACLE PREMIUM CURVED. Equipped with a 43” curved screen, the DRAGON EGG game is portrayed in a very special way. The layout shows three separate screens for normal game play and in the feature game the complete and vast area of the entire screen is made use of. PINNACLE PREMIUM CURVED was shown as well as a jackpot island – made up of four slot machines together with a circular jackpot display above these slots.

“These are complete jackpot solutions and are exactly what our customers are looking for”, explained Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director. “The display and the sound bring so much life to DRAGON EGG. This is a wonderful game with breathtaking hardware to go around it. We have been inundated with fantastic feedback and orders to match!”

Both the new PINNACLE PREMIUM SL AND PINNACLE PREMIUM CURVED are available with the DRAGON EGG game or with the latest, innovative and acclaimed EVO 3 multigame platform from APEX gaming.

The PINNACLE FAMILY is now complete with the already well-known earlier family members naturally adorning the stand as well. The PINNACLE VIP PREMIUM offers a very special gaming experience with its 43” curved screen and VIP chair. The original family members – PINNACLE 24, PINNACLE SL 27 and PINNACLE NSL 27 – are still going strong and were well represented on the stand.

The next innovation provides a very specific solution for gaming operators that are faced with intermittent power consumptions problems. EASY SLOT is a battery-operated, server-based gaming machine that offers hours of gaming. When power is available, the EASY SLOT runs on standard power. Yet if power ceases, then it moves into battery mode and can run up to ten hours like this. Once the power comes back, it returns to normal power mode and the battery is recharged at the same time. This is a low-cost and extremely effective way for operators to be able to offer gaming entertainment where power blips are the norm. In this way APEX is making an important contribution to the industry to open the doors to such entertainment in such affected countries or areas. EASY SLOT can be fitted with a card reader. Alternatively, operators can make use of APEX MOBILE SLOTS in another way – by issuing a voucher with the credit. The player simply types in the voucher number and then can begin playing. Cashing out is simple as the player as the in-built scanner passes the credit value to the voucher when can then be redeemed at the cashdesk.

APEX continues to make waves with its APEX PLAYER STATION electronic roulette – which is now equipped with a circular screen above the displays to further attract player attention. The APS can be fitted with one or two roulette wheels and can be linked with the APEX slot machines and vice versa. Furthermore, operators have the possibility to link the APS to four roulette wheels in total – both live and electronic.

The award-winning iDROPe and iDROP continue to revolutionalise cash management on live gaming tables. It contains everything that an operator is needed in this compact unit and it can simply link in with the casino system to provide complete statistics in real time. In essence, players can now purchase and redeem chips directly at the table. The cash is counted and validated and securely stored. There is no room for error or shrinkage.

APEX gaming also offers live gaming tables and these were on show on the stand. The 8-Deck APEX Shuffler was also introduced to the market at ICE. Furthermore, the Shuffle King II one-deck shuffler is enjoying great demand in the industry and many visitors to the stand complimented the APEX team on how well this product is working.

APEX promised a record number of innovations for the ICE and duly delivered this promise. “We thank everyone who came to see us to make at ICE to make this such a special occasion for us all”, concluded Mr. Weissengruber.