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APEX gaming reports of success at Casino Savoy in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus offers great opportunities to Apex gaming.

The Savoy Ottoman Palace is a five-star entertainment location set in a spacious location. The terrace alone extends over 2,500 square metres and reflects the luxury that guests are offered here. The hotel offers over one hundred luxury rooms with 15 Pasha suites and 2 Sultan suites.
Warmth and luxury are combined, so bringing together the high standards of luxury and the warm welcome of traditional Ottoman hospitality. It goes without saying that the Savoy Casino here embodies this warm and luxurious atmosphere. Guests can enjoy gaming of the highest quality in this relaxed setting.

Highest quality is the focus for APEX gaming whose credo is to take gaming to ‘the next level’. The Pinnacle gaming series reflects this focus. Therefore, the Savoy Casino management welcomed the opportunity to trial the Pinnacle with the EVO platform, installing a good number of Pinnacle upright gaming machines from APEX.

The trials have been successfully completed. The Pinnacle slots have been performing at a high level for over six months. This success has led to Savoy Casino management welcoming APEX gaming as a new supplier to their floor.

Mr. Alp Karakoyun is the Slot Development Manager at the Savoy Casino. He commented, “The new Apex gaming machines, especially after the EVO2 upgrade, have found their next step to improve player satisfaction and casino revenue. The new Apex bank’s balanced mathematics, highly developed graphics and interactive bonuses have already proved they are the new champion for our players. The high performance of APEX here will surely lead to the numbers of Apex EVO machines to increase at the Northern Cyprus gambling destination”.

Mr. Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming, expressed his thanks to the team at the Savoy Casino, stating, “The combination of our Pinnacle cabinets with the EVO2 platform has made a great impact here. We carried out the installation in this casino over six months ago. The Savoy Casino is very much a leading casino in Northern Cyprus and their choice of slots bears significance. I would like to thank Alp Karakoyun and his team for their willingness to get to know APEX gaming. This willingness has clearly paid off and this is the beginning of a strong business relationship with the Savoy Casino and further growth in this country in a whole”.