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“Outstanding solution” states THE SAVOY CASINO

APEX gaming is proud to report that another casino in Northern Cyprus has installed its DRAGON EGG Island Jackpot solution. This can now be found at THE SAVOY Ottoman Palace and Casino in Kyrenia.

This complete and groundbreaking unit is one entire jackpot system in itself. The DRAGON EGG Island Jackpot solution consists of two banks of four APEX slots each – the Pinnacle Premium SL slots. Each is fitted with three x 27” screens. The game makes full use of the large overhead display that is an integral part of this solution. With a total of 16 different jackpot levels stemming from the four main levels, it is no wonder that the excitement of this fantastic game alongside the potential jackpot win is drawing in the customers from far and wide.

“This DRAGON EGG island is something we simply have envisaged as probably the perfect all-in-one jackpot solution”, explains Mr. Semih Zafer Güven, General Manager of THE SAVOY casino. “It has everything a player can look for – a wonderful, intelligent game with exceptional bonus features. We see ourselves as the forefront of gaming in Northern Cyprus and require the best of the best for our customers.  Indeed, this is an outstanding solution. That is why we are so pleased to have the APEX DRAGON EGG island jackpot in our casino”.

The DRAGON EGG island has already made a real difference to the casino floor, as Mr. Abdullah Kocadayi, Slot Director of THE SAVOY casino, explains, “Its popularity is amazing. It has been a long time that we have seen a new solution on our casino floor cause such a positive reaction amongst our customers. It is a well-conceived complete jackpot solution with such a number of levels that it attracts all kinds of players. The design is very special and it is just great to look at. In a word – it has it all. We made 100% the right decision to place the DRAGON EGG island in our casino”.

Ever since its introduction at the ICE in London back in February, the DRAGON EGG island jackpot solution has been the focus of the industry with more and more casino managers becoming convinced of the difference this can and will make to their casino floors. “This is such an exciting time”, notes Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming. “Again we are proud to prove the truth behind our company motto that we are taking gaming to the next level. My thanks go to the team at the Savoy who followed both their instinct and the excellent feedback in the market to choose the Dragon Egg Island. We have expanded our solution range and are proud to have three different types of DRAGON EGG complete solutions. In this way, we believe we have the right solution for all casinos and gaming halls”.