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APEX enjoys instant success at Imperia Games

Major Bulgarian operator gives glowing APEX report

Imperia Games in Bulgaria is a fast-growing gaming company. Founded just over two years ago in February 2014, Imperia Games already operates eight gaming clubs in five different locations in Bulgaria. 

Imperia Games currently has about 800 slot machines in operation – a number set to grow with the company’s further expansion plans. Management first had the opportunity to get to know the APEX gaming products and solutions at the end of last year. The presentation of APEX gaming at the ICE 2016 cemented the positive feedback which has led to APEX gaming already belonging to the major gaming machine suppliers. Within a few short months, Imperia Games already has approximately forty Pinnacle slot machines from APEX gaming on its gaming floors throughout Bulgaria.

Asked the reason for the instant success of APEX gaming at Imperia Games, Mr. Gavril Chetrafilov, co-founder and co-owner at Imperia Games, stated, “APEX gaming has made a strong impression – both on ourselves at Imperia Games, yet more importantly still on our customers. We are one of the leading gaming operators in Bulgaria and we place great importance on providing the best gaming solutions to our customers. That explains how we have been able to expand our company so quickly. APEX plays a major role for us here. APEX has impressed us on all aspects: the Pinnacle slot machine is very stylish and APEX provides a strong array of games. Secondly, the service APEX gives us is excellent. This is just as important for us as the product success. That explains why the partnership with APEX has grown so quickly”.

Kubilay Özer of APEX gaming and Gavril Chetrafilov of Imperia Games

Imperia Games Ltd was founded in February 2014 by the owners Mr. Gavril Chetrafilov and Mr. Dinko Milenchev. Today Imperia Games operates a total of eight gaming clubs in five different locations: Four gaming clubs are in Plovdiv and one in each of the cities Sofia, Pazardzik, Madan and Rudozem.

Mr. Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming, states, “We are proud to belong to one of the key gaming machine suppliers at Imperia Games. This is an extremely professional company that chooses its suppliers wisely. The fact that we already play a key role for Imperia Games is a great testimony to the popularity of our gaming solutions in Bulgaria”.

Mr. Dinko Milenchev, co-founder and co-owner at Imperia Games, concludes, “We will be increasing the share of APEX gaming solutions by the end of this year. Naturally we are looking on how we can work together with APEX for further requirements”.